What Is ValidRisk?

ValidRisk is the most practical, integrated, empirically valid project risk quantification software available.


ValidRisk is a result of the alliance of Koff&Guerrero Consultants (KGC) and John K.Hollmann (Validation Estimating LLC) who brought together their experiences and expertise to create a unique, innovative and proven Project Risk Quantification product on a cloud platform.

ValidRisk is the unique risk analysis software that uses a hybrid method to support contingency and reserve determination in a way that is realistic, practical, risk-driven, integrated and empirically sound.

ValidRisk employs a hybrid method that combines parametric modeling of systemic project risk along with the time-tested expected value method with Monte Carlo simulation for project-specific risks (i.e., risk events). The hybrid method is documented in AACE® International Recommended Practices and are fully explained in the book written by John Hollman titled “Project Risk Quantification”.


ValidRisk Technical Features

  • Web-based
  • Multiuser
  • No additional software required (i.e., MCS is built-in)
  • Highest security standards
  • Customizable (selected elements)
  • Audit trail: retains analysis
  • Export reports to MS Excel
  • Online support

We invite you to visit the www.validrisk.com website where you will find that the parametric method is actually the more practical and realistic risk analysis and quantification method there is. The method is backed by over 60 years of published empirical research. It is set up for and works for engineering and construction projects of all sizes and types in any industry.

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