Laurie Erwin
Senior Advisor, Project & Portfolio Excellence


Welcome to ProjectAI, and our virtual booth at the 2022 Project Control Summit. We are excited to sponsor this event, and share some the work we are doing to push the boundaries in project and portfolio management.


Create Clarity

At ProjectAI, we believe in the power of projects to transform businesses. We combine deep expertise in business strategy, organisation transformation and project / portfolio management with the power of leading technologies – giving businesses unparalleled transparency to select, plan and execute their projects with a new level of insight.

We start by understanding your strategy and constraints, identifying how to optimise your human and capital resources across the value chain, unlocking efficiencies to make your business, programs, people and projects more successful.

  • Business Improvement & Transformation
  • Capital Project & Portfolio Management
  • People & Capability
  • Digital Engineering & Asset Management
  • Operational & Functional Excellence
  • Technology Strategy & Implementation


Our Passion for Project Control

Our team brings unparalleled experience in project controls processes and technologies in a wide variety of enterprise environments. Whether you have a single major project, a program of smaller projects, or a global portfolio – we can help you select and implement the right combination of solutions, optimise the way data flows, and get the most out of the data.  


In successful projects… people are everything.

People are one of the best sensors of how a project is performing. Pulse is our innovate web application, designed to gain insight across team members and stakeholders, both internal and external, no matter where they are. Discover the gaps between perception and reality, and leverage a brand new range of leading indicators, to connect with people in a whole new way!

In addition to the traditional metrics of cost, schedule, quality and safety – you can start to measure other leading indicators such as:

Learn more about Pulse at:


Data is great… knowledge is better.

In complex projects, the volume of data is growing exponentially, but most organisations are not keeping pace. Across various participants (Owner, EPC Contractors, Suppliers, Partners, etc.) there are a variety of systems and spreadsheets requiring an enormous amount of effort to maintain. Information is slow to travel, reports aren’t accurate, and decisions are being made too late to affect the project. Cortex by ProjectAI is a knowledge platform allowing to you connect with your project and enterprise data like never before.

Cortex builds upon decades of project experience, leveraging the latest in knowledge management and AI technology. Create clarity, confidence and assurance in your critical business data, and present it in a way that executives can easily understand … and access in real-time.

Leverage the latest in artificial intelligence algorithms to unlock a new range of predictive analysis to identify and remove constraints – keeping your team productive and on-track!