James Arrow
Principal & Consultant


PQS is a boutique consulting firm that offers project risk management advisory services.

We help ensure owners, engineering and construction clients successfully deliver capital projects by more effectively identifying, quantifying, and managing uncertainty that matters.

Our services cover the full spectrum, ranging from quantitative risk analysis, full life-cycle contingency management, strategic future-proofing and short-term, tactical interventions. Short-term engagements include:

  • Quantitative cost and schedule risk analysis
    • Monte Carlo simulation and reference class forecasting,
  • Risk analysis training
    • Qualitative or quantitative
  • Continual program risk management
    • monitoring and control for capital projects during execution
  • Capital project risk management training
    • For designated Company champions / technical leads or team-wide)
  • Risk management capability assessment and improvement planning
    • Development of risk policy, process, and procedure documentation

Planning and requirements consultation available upon request: [email protected]            

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