Thank you for visiting Dream Achievers Academy's virtual booth at the 2020 Project Control Virtual Summit.

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to sponsor the Summit and serve you on your journey to higher levels of success, especially in these unprecedented times.

Our vision at Dream Achievers Academy is to passionately add value to people around the world and help them realize their dreams, overcome their challenges, and get what they want! We fulfill this vision through our top quality products and services.

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Kamran Akbarzadeh

Founder of Dream Achievers Academy

If no one is available to answer your question in real-time, please click here to send us your question directly.


Explore How Dream Achievers Academy Can Serve You and Your Team

At Dream Achievers Academy, we are pleased to serve you and your team through our online training programs, coaching, speaking, and consulting services.


Online Training Programs

We provide top quality and creative in-house, public, and online training programs that help you and your team dream bigger, overcome your top challenges, and fulfill your dreams and vision. Here is a list of our current on-demand trainings:

Dream On & Get What You Want

This 8-week comprehensive training program is specifically designed to help you upgrade your belief system, overcome your top challenges, get what you want fast, and live a purposeful, happy life.

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Leadership Soup for Excellence

This video training is the perfect opportunity for you and your team members to go through a unique process, take your leadership effectiveness to the next level, and get your passport to leadership mastery.

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Intentional Listening for Career Growth

In this training program, you will get access to 12 top quality and professionally developed training videos to develop your listening skills, grow your career, and move up the ladder of success in what you do.

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Do you want to make a significant change in your personal life, career, or business but something always seems to hold you back from taking the necessary action steps to make it happen?

I understand.

After all, we live in a very fast-paced, stressful world. You have so many commitments, so many responsibilities and so many things that you do for others that it’s easy to put your own goals, dreams, and desires on the back burner.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

As your coach, Kamran can help you know yourself better, upgrade your belief system, overcome your top challenge that is stopping from moving forward, get “unstuck”, and as a result get what you want in your personal life, career, or business faster.

To explore this opportunity further, arrange for a Complimentary Dream Express Coaching Session.

Arrange for a Complimentary Dream Express Coaching Session



Are you tired of boring speakers, low quality speeches, or routine ordinary topics?

Are you looking for a professional and motivational speaker who delivers top quality keynotes and seminars?

Do you want your audience to become motivated and take action right away toward achieving success?

If your answer to at least one of the above questions is yes, then count on Kamran Akbarzadeh, founder of Dream Achievers Academy and author of two award winning books, Leadership Soup and Get What You Want. As a motivational speaker with years of experience in the corporate world and a successful entrepreneur, Kamran knows how to connect with his audience, equip them with profound tools & techniques, and clear their doubts and fears toward achieving long term success.

No matter how big or how small your events are, Kamran’s unique approach will create a positive momentum that will motivate your audience to take necessary action and move forward.

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Get Your Free Digital Copy of Get What You Want Book

If you want to go up the ladder of success, if you want to get what you want, if you want to fulfill that “burning desire” that keeps your mind busy all the time and you do not do something about it, if you want to do “that thing” that you wanted to do some day but you never got a chance to do so, and if you are committed to YOUR success and want to get what you truly want in your personal life, your career, or your business, this book is an excellent start. Are you ready for the journey? 

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