Cleopatra Enterprise is the leading Project Cost Management Software that offers an integrated solution.

Over 25 years, the state of the art software has been helping people and organizations complete their projects and turnarounds on time and within budget, maximize capital investments and stay ahead of the competition.



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  • Cleopatra Enterprise offers an integrated approach through the entire project life cycle in one system by including different disciplines within project controls: cost estimating, scheduling, cost management, field change management, work package management, benchmarking, and more. The solutions could also be used separately.
  • It is developed by cost engineers and designed to support the highly regarded AACE International's Total Cost Management approach.
  • Cleopatra Enterprise serves the process industry and used by Owners, Contractors and EPC firms.
  • Using the state-of-the-art technology, Cleopatra Enterprise allows you to work faster and more accurate at the same time.
  • Through the extensive interfacing possibilities of Cleopatra Enterprise, you can import and export to different software solutions, such as Excel, Primavera, and SAP, with ease.
  • The combination of powerful tools and cloud based technology allows you to apply the ‘anywhere anytime’ strategy, which empowers project control teams to collaborate even further while working from home during and after covid-19 times.
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Improving Project Performance through Integrated Project Controls

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Reliable Cost Estimating

Creating accurate estimates has never been easier. Cleopatra has built-in knowledge management so you never have to search for the information you are looking for.

Sophisticated estimating methodologies suitable for Class 5 to Class 1 estimates are available to support each stage of your project, such as parametric cost models or intelligent import of MTO/BOQ sheets. Following the appropriate approach for the specific project phase establishes the accuracy aimed at. Read more


Scheduling capabilities of Cleopatra help you get a strategic oversight of your project by adding the factor “time” to your project cost, activities, resources, and revenues.

The Primavera interface allows you to transfer data between the schedule, cost estimate and cost control documents in either direction with minimal setup. The newly created activities or changes can be linked automatically. This not only saves time but it also greatly reduces the risk of errors.

Cost Management

Cleopatra offers an integrated Cost Management module which seamlessly works together with the Cost Estimating module. That way you can easily recast your estimate into a cost management document.

You can gather, analyze and present key project information in an accurate and timely fashion. Cost Management module allows you to perform advanced forecasting, change & process management, earned value management and reporting. Read more

Field Change Management

Control scope changes and change orders coming from many sources during project and turnaround execution.

Cleopatra Enterprise’s Field Change Management Solution for web and mobile replaces the need to use physical paper forms to track field changes with a digital tracking feature encompassing the entire change order procedure. This imparts speedy and effortless accuracy to the field change management, leading to major time saving, therefore cost saving.

Work Package Management

Cleopatra helps you improve the efficiency of your project and turnaround work planning. With Cleopatra Enterprise, you will have the power of the integration between scope management, work package planning, and estimating. The historical cost data will help you standardize and consequently prepare work packages in less time.

Standardization also leads to a more consistent breakdown and description of the work. This improves communication and overall project and STO performance during execution.

Benchmarking and in-depth Project Analytics

Tracking the performance of your projects, Cleopatra Benchmark serves as ‘corporate memory’ for high-level decision making. With Cleopatra, you can apply big data analytics to extract metrics from executed and running projects and discover trends in key cost drivers and ratios.

The powerful way of measuring the health of your project also helps you close the loop between cost estimating and cost management and eventually improve the performance of future projects. Read more


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